• 2016

    About Us

    Kyere Global Limited is a privately Ghanaian established company operating in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Industrial and Infrastructural sectors of Ghana and surrounding West African countries since October 2016 from AK–127 - 9408 in Ashanti Region to all satellite locations.

  • Motto

    If there is value, then it is worth investing.

  • Our Core Values :

    At Kyere Global Limited, bespoke attention is given to every project. Our clients are assured of satisfaction because of the core values we adhere to:

  • Integrity

    We place a high premium on integrity and believe that transparency and openness in our relationship with clients is the bedrock of success.

  • Teamwork

    We recognise teamwork as key to success and strives in creating an enabling environment for it to flourish. Managers are tasked to be committed to ensuring effective constant communication to all stakeholders at all levels. At Kyere Global Limited, teams are built with consideration for the strengths of the individual members in channeling their skills to meet and exceed client’s expectations.

  • Skill

    We believe that a key distinguishing mark of quality is the application of skill in solving problems. The application of relevant knowledge and skills is the difference between quality and mediocrity.

  • Sensitivity

    Our approach to each client stems from the lenses of uniqueness. No two persons are the same. For this reason, we place unique premium on the written and un-written instructions of clients with attention to detail in assessing, modelling and delivering on every assigned task based on clients’ detail request with constant evaluation to completion.

  • Innovation

    We embrace technology and encourage innovation in every aspect of life. At Kyere Global Limited, you are assured of unending innovation to provide value for money and benefit to the society at large.

  • Who we Are

    Think of the fruitless efforts you make routinely with sourcing your Projects, Energy and Real Estate logistics and supplies and how frustrating they can make you feel impacting on professionalism and completion deadlines. Nobody wants to exert energy or spend on anything important and get nothing or be short-change in the end. Kyere Global Group places premium on giving clients value for money when contacted. We specialize in adding the value you so much look for. One notable mark of Kyere Global Group is our assessment of value. Our assessment of value is dual: Economic value & Social relevance. Our commitment to helping our clients create and increase their wealth and industry dominance will always be followed by addition of value. Kyere Global Group standard of measuring success goes beyond the information that appears in the financial statement. Our contribution to the society and the environment informs our assessment and conceptualisation of success in value addition.


Equipment Hiring (Heavy Lifting Equipment’s, Cranes, Telehandlers, Cherry Pickers / Manlifts, Forklift, Hiab Truck, etc.), Earth Moving Equipment’s, Light Delivery Vehicles, Busses. Rubber Lining & Geomembrane supply and installation


Fuel supply (Solid fuels, Liquid fuels, Gaseous fuels). Renewable energy development ( Wind & wave power, Solar power, Waste to energy, Bioenergy and other renewable sources )

Real Estate

Supply of fittings : Door & Window handles, locks, stoppers, hinges, bathroom & kitchen taps, Barrel bolt, padded locks. Supply of Window nettings. Building Construction materials and paint. Supply of Personal Protective Equipment’s – PPE’S


Projects division of Kyere Global was established to provide one-stop supply solution to . . .

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Energy division of Kyere Global was established to focus broadly on energy systems exploration, engineering, distribution and related services . . .

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Real Estate

Real Estate division of Kyere Global with support from the projects division was established to provide one-stop supply solution in . . .

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Kyere Global Work Approach

We have a very simple process . . .
  • 1

    Client Contact

    • Email • Phone call • Business introduction • Client reference

  • 2

    Request for Proposal

    • Projects • Energy • Real Estate • Specialised industry request

  • 3

    Confirmation & Follow up discussions

    • Email • Phone call • Business visit

  • 4

    Proposal Submission

    • Email • Post Mail

  • 5

    Product / Service delivery

    • Operations Team • Supervisory Management Team • Monetary & Evaluation Team

  • 6

    Client Feedback

  • 7

    Satisfactory further proposal request

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