Energy Solutions

Energy division of Kyere Global
was established to focus broadly on energy systems exploration, engineering,
distribution and related services. We provide one-stop energy related services
and supply solution to mining construction projects, mining operations,
infrastructural projects, oil & gas operations and oil & gas projects.

Our prime focus is to provide first class services to these industries. At Kyere
Global, we take pride in our customer service and efficiency. We provide the
best of services to our clients and ensure delivery of services is done on a
timely basis according to each customers’ specification and need.

As many countries including Ghana have started turning their attention to new
forms and technologies of energy. Our company has developed exceptional
network with various energy sector partners which allow us source all kinds of
products and services at extremely competitive prices. Our highly experienced
team and partners ensures that we deliver all energy sector related supports,
products and services at the best negotiated prices that exceeds standard
industry requirements.

With Kyere Global, your orders are securely delivered according to your instructions
and specification that meets standard industry practice with economic value and
environmentally friendly.

We look forward to provide our clients with safe and an efficient work environment.

To be a first-class company in the delivery of quality products and standard services
in energy to the mining, construction and oil & gas sector.

To contribute significantly to the growth of extractive and construction industry
by providing professional and quality-oriented renewable energy.

Fuel supply
- Solid fuels (Wood, Charcoal, Wood pellets, etc.)
- Liquid fuels (Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene, LPG, Ethanol, etc.)
- Gaseous fuels (Propane, Methane, Compressed Natural Gas – CNG, etc.)

Renewable energy development
Kyere Global believes we must invest more in renewable energy such as;
- Wind & wave power
- Solar power
- Waste to energy
- Bioenergy and other renewable sources

• Guaranteed on Time Delivery and Project Completion
• Highly experienced Team with Multi-Disciplinary international and local experience
• Reliable with trusted network of international and local partners
• 24 Hour Operation
• Flexible and negotiable payment terms
• Public Procurement Authority of Ghana registered (PPA)

• JLC Company
• Gecoblast – OTS
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